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Fae War Chronicles, book 1

A brand-new fantasy romance

Coming April 25th, 2023


A destined Queen coveted for her birthright.


I know little of life beyond the regal duties assigned to me. Yet, I hear the whispered rumors my dotting family tries to quiet. Rumors I don't fully understand until my eldest brother is killed and soldiers ransack our castle.


 In the midst of the battle, I'm forced to flee with our head guard, a man who has never spoken a single word to me. He's strong, brave, and roguishly handsome. And he would give his life to protect mine.


Even as I grow to crave his touch and attention, I know it cannot be. Betrothed since birth to a man I've only ever met once, my life is already decided...if I survive long enough to see the crown placed upon my head.


Yet, as my savior propels me toward my predestined future, I wish more than anything to prove I'm not just the princess he sees but the woman he needs.

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About Jessica

USA Today bestselling author Jessica Wayne writes paranormal and fantasy romance. Readers rave over her bestselling Vampire Huntress Chronicles, and swoon over the anti-heroes of her Cambrexian Realm series. She has written over forty books, and currently resides in Texas with her husband, kids, three dogs, and their flock of feather-babies (she is seriously obsessed with her chickens). 

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