Ready for a journey you won't soon forget?

All books by Jessica Wayne are listed below, and the series books are listed in the recommended reading order.

Prophecy Series

Looking for an adventure? The Prophecy Series follows the incredible adventure of Anastasia, a woman ripped from her world and thrust into the middle of a war in another. 

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Unity (Coming Soon)

Cursed Hearts

Ancient curses, powerful magic, and a twisted druid that wants to murder them all. What’s not to love? 

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A Tethered Duet contains both Tethered Souls (Jessica Wayne's first ever published book), as well as Broken Tether, the prequel. It follows the epic love story of Aine and Aengus, two lovers torn apart by tragedy.


Collateral Damage is the spinoff story of Timothy McGinley, Aengus's loyal friend, who is caught in the crosshairs. 


While they can be read separately, it is recommended you start with A Tethered Duet so you get the full story.

The Corrupted

The Corrupted suspense series can be read in any order, although it is recommended you read them in the order they were published to avoid any possible spoilers for the earlier books.


Terminated (The Corrupted book 3)

Betrayed (The Corrupted book 4)

Contemporary Romance

Six best friends and their search for true love... 

Or something like it anyway.

Time Travel Romance


Transport yourself back to medieval Ireland with this collection of novelettes that show us sometimes we find what we're looking for when and where we least expect it.