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Binge-Worthy Series

Each series below this line is totally complete! Which means you can safely binge without worrying about a cliffhanger or having to wait for a finale!

The Cambrexian Realm

Two foul-mouthed assassins + one target= High fantasy with a modern twist.


The Cambrexian Realm trilogy takes everything you love about high fantasy--secondary world, epic magick, sword-fights--and combines it with modernized characters while they fight to save the realm. Don't miss this incredible series!

Suggested Reading Order

FREE READ: The Last Ward

Warrior Of Magick

Guardian Of Magick

Shades Of Magick

Rise Of The Phoenix Series

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A woman ripped from her home and the man she loves is tossed into another world in the middle of a centuries long war. 

The Prophecy Series will take you along an EPIC ride! 

Suggested Reading Order

Rise Of The Phoenix

Death Of The Phoenix

Vengeance Of The Phoenix

Tears Of The Phoenix

Rise Of The Phoenix

REBRAND! This was once titled The Prophecy Series. This series will be re-releasing in early 2021. Same characters you love, just updated!

The Gypsy's Curse

An ancient curse. 

A stubborn detective.

A Gypsy Seer cursed with Visions of Death.

And the blood-thirsty Druid determined to destroy them.

Suggested Reading Order

Visions Of Death

Visions Of Vengeance

Visions Of Triumph

The Tethered Saga

re-brand and re-release in 2021

One two hundred year old curse. 

Suggested Reading Order​

Tethered Souls

Collateral Damage