He swore he'd never get wrapped up in magic again...until she changed everthing.


An immortal in hiding.

A powerful witch on the run.

One man determined to destroy them both.

Cursed with immortality, Timothy McGinley despises all things magic. After all, it was magic that stole his wife over a century ago, and magic that sentenced him to a lifetime alone.

When a gorgeous witch stumbles into his life with no idea how to control her power, his first instinct is to push her away. The last thing he wants to do is become another's collateral damage. But when he discovers the truth about the man hunting her, he knows he can't walk away. Not this time.

Magic and immortality collide in this explosive paranormal romance that's perfect for fans of Rebecca Hamilton, K.F. Breene, and Linsey Hall. Embark on an adventure packed full of action, adventure, revenge, and romance that defies all odds.