Paislee Adams possessed what one man craved: power. After being held captive for fifteen years, she manages to escape and spends the next year of her life pursuing the one who destroyed her. A gunshot heard one night in an alley changes everything, when she comes face to face with Timothy McGinley, a man harboring his own secrets. 

Ever since a spell left him frozen in time nearly two centuries ago, Timothy has harbored a hatred for all things magic. But when a witch saves his life, he is forced to confront his own mortality for the first time in two hundred years.

A man trapped in time.
A powerful witch on the run.
A dangerous enemy on the hunt.

As these two unlikely allies join forces, they have to put aside old grudges in order to stop a man harboring a deadly obsession with them both.

"A terrific fantasy romance that hurt my heart (in a good way) and thrilled my eyes with an exciting storyline, amazing characters, and brilliant writing. "

"Loved it! This was hands down my fave read by this author. It ticks all the boxes and reminded me why I fell in love with this genre in the first place.. "

Praise for A Collateral Damage


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