Coming soon from USA TODAY Bestselling Author Jessica Wayne

He can have my body but never my heart.


Sold into a life of subjection, my fate has never been mine to control. I'm a princess in name only, a pawn to be sacrificed when it serves the crown.


As word of a coming war spreads throughout the land, the king contracts with a man whose brutal reputation surpasses those coming for the throne. The brute agrees to defend the kingdom, but at a steep price--me.


 While our union will ensure the safety of my people, I’m not certain of my own. It is rumored that peace and mercy are not familiar words to the man I'm to marry-a man with an angry golden gaze that follows my every move.


Against all odds, I find myself drawn to him even as he seems determined to forget I exist. However, the more secrets I unearth, the more my terror grows…not of him…but of what I am willing to become in order to be exactly what he needs: a queen.

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