Magick will reign.


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They lost the battle.
Now it's time for war.

What they feared has come to pass, and now, stuck in the center of an ancient war, Sienna and Daxon set out in search of a mythical stone that's rumored to have the ability to reshape their world.

The magick's want it destroyed.

The non-magicks want to cleanse the realm.

And as an enemy unlike any they've ever faced sets its sights on plunging the realm into never-ending darkness, our heroes are faced with the impossible task of eliminating the threat, once and for all.

The stakes have never been higher in this epic conclusion to Jessica Wayne's high fantasy trilogy. So grab your copy and settle down for an incredible journey that can only end one way: with blood.

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Some rules are meant to be broken.

Skye Giovanni has spent her entire life heeding the warning passed down by the women in her family: an entire line of Gypsy Seers cursed with visions of death. Their cardinal rule–don’t get involved.

But that was before she met him. The sexy detective who tempts her to tear down the wall she’s built around her heart.

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Captured for what she could become, Anastasia has spent her entire life at the mercy of her enemy.

Unfortunately for her, she didn't realize it until it was far too late to run. When he comes for her, Anastasia finds herself ripped from all she's ever known, and tossed into a parallel world where monsters roam and darkness reigns.

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There is a war coming.
And it will change everything.
For Sienna Faremin, staying alive has been merely a byproduct of the torture she received for over a decade.
Running one mission after another for the Magick council, she is nothing more than their personal assassin, leaving her hands bloodier than even the most seasoned Guardian.  

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