Sometimes all you need is a second chance.

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Ten years ago Lincoln Calloway broke me.

A single, terrifying phone call is all it takes to change the trajectory of my life. But what I thought would be a short trip home, quickly turns more serious as the secrets my family has tried to keep hidden finally come to light. Starting with their new handyman.

Lincoln best friend, my biggest heartbreak.

After ten years, he’s changed from the boy who ran away to a dangerously sexy man with the body of a marble statue. His insanely blue eyes and chiseled features may have everyone fooled, but I’ve been down this road with Lincoln before. He made it clear how he felt back then, so why is he so determined to fix the broken pieces of my heart when he’s the one who shattered it in the first place?

Enjoy this steamy stand alone where the lines between love and hate are blurred. Once best friends, Macey and Lincoln will have to trudge through their pasts in order to find their way to a happily ever after.

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