A man hunting for answers.

Ever since the night his best friend was murdered in an alley, Jack Keller has been on the hunt for the monsters responsible.

For years the trail has run cold, but one night an invitation to the most coveted supernatural Ball in the world appears out of nowhere.

Going would put him in more danger than ever, but can he refuse when the very thing he's seeking may finally be within his grasp?

Blood Moon is a complete standalone set in the world of the Vampire Huntress Chronicles. It was previously published in 2020 as part of The Monster Ball anthology.

Runaway Fae.jpg

Death changes you.

After being ripped from the afterlife, Rachel is feeling anything but calm. Especially when she discovers that her ordinary human life is gone forever and she’s now a member of the supernatural community.

Then, there’s the fact that she didn’t come back alone. The sexy fae who rescued her has now realized that living without Rachel is not an option.

And he’s willing to do anything to convince her she can’t survive without him either.

Unfortunately for them both, her resurrection comes with a price and a massive target on her back, making it entirely possible neither one of them will make it past what’s coming.

Being a human in a supernatural world is dangerous. But being one of the most powerful creatures in the world might just make her wish for the simplicity of death.

I am a champion. A princess of Atlantis. And I will not cry.

Coral's entire life has been leading up to the moment where she will take her place as Atlantis's Champion. 

To be a chosen one is an honor. A privilege. Even if it means an immortal life alone beneath the surface of the sea.

So when she arrives at the ceremony where she will claim her title, Coral is not expecting to come face-to-face with a man who makes her want to question everything she's been told.

His future is in the caves.

Hers in the sea.

To turn toward each other would be to turn their backs on everyone and everything they've ever known. But does Coral really wish to spend her last few nights of freedom denying herself the one thing she's ever dared to want?


She will find and kill them all.

Lauren has spent the last two years hunting down the coven who slaughtered her family. When a chance encounter with a beta shifter leads to his wolf claiming her as its mate, Lauren tries to steer clear. After all, the last thing she needs is a distraction when she's so close to fulfilling her mission.

But as she soon discovers, Z has zero intention of letting her get away. Even as skilled as she is at staying off the radar, Lauren's not sure she can outrun him.

And when their unexplainable bond puts him in the coven's crosshairs, Lauren has one more reason to end things once and for all.