For as long as she can remember, Abby has been haunted by dreams of a man she’s never met. His pain-filled blue eyes called to something deep within her soul, and she’s found herself longing for him even during her waking hours.


After her latest successful gallery opening, she takes a much-needed vacation to the rolling green hills of Ireland, where she comes face to face with the very man she’d convinced herself didn’t exist. 

The instantaneous burning attraction draws them closer together even while the shadow from her nightmares threatens to tear them apart.


As she is pulled deeper into her new reality, Abby learns of a mysterious past threaded together by magic, curses, and the obsession of a mad man. 


Contains Jessica Wayne’s first ever published novel, Tethered Souls, and its prequel Broken Tether. 

"This story is beautiful on so many levels, it crosses time and space to give these characters their happily ever after and show that no matter what there is a true love that is bound to be."

" To me, “home” is a sense of belonging and being in your place in the world. It isn’t just the house and neighborhood you live in -- it is also the people in your life. Throughout the story, these characters found their home, took care of it, returned home, and fought for home. "

Praise for A Tethered Duet


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