What if your soulmate died centuries before you were born? 

When Carissa is sent back through time with her young daughter Gabby, the last thing she expected was to be attacked, or that she would be saved by a handsome Medieval Irishman. 

Garrett McKinley whisks her away to his castle, where he vows to keep she and Gabby safe, and Carissa holds on to her secret, knowing it would mean death for them both if anyone found out where she truly came from. 

Burned by love, she tries desperately to keep the head of the McKinley clan at arm's length, but he's determined to capture her heart, no matter what it takes. 

What he doesn't know though, is an old enemy is resurfacing and has plans of his own for all their futures. 

Three people from the present meet three more from the past, in this uplifting tale about learning to let go of the past in order to truly live-- and love.

Praise for Their Own Time

"What a sweet collection of stories that collide together into a beautiful telling of true love found through time. I love how the author wrote this loving tale showing how love knows no bounds. Time couldn’t even stop true love from finding one another."

"Its just a cute collection of stories that will warm your heart. The author did a great job tying the stories together, and with the witty dialogue there's a little bit of everything I look for in a book."

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