February New Releases!

Spend your Valentine's day fighting back against evil, chasing your fate, and getting wrapped up in the arms of your mate. 

Six incredible new paranormal romance and urban fantasy reads that will take you on brand new adventures!

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The battle is on.

The prize? Delaney Astor's soul.

Shifter meets witch in this brand new trilogy set in the Vampire Huntress Chronicles!

Coming February 18th.

No one said being bound to three dire wolf shifters and a possessive malevolent spirit was going to be easy...


Nothing is what it seems in the second installment of The Thirteenth Sign.


Coming February 18th.


Breaking people is my job.

But this time...my job might just break me.


Dive headfirst into the afterlife with this brand new series!

Coming February 26th.

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Kickass Amber Lynn tagline here.

The epic finale to The Force Of Nature Series will bring our favorite characters to their knees. 

Kickass Emigh C tagline here.



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