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The world is a scary place at the moment, and if ever there was a time to lose yourself in a book and escape to another reality, it's now!

With life steadily slowing down, and in some cases, coming to a complete quarantined stop, we know it's both financially AND mentally stressful for EVERYONE. 

Which is why we've come together to bring you a MASSIVE list of free and discounted books. The price promotions are limited, so grab them while you can and fill up your Kindle!

This page will be updated daily, so feel free to keep returning! The newest books will always be at the top of their sections.


NOTE: The genre's of these books are all across the board. It was our goal to bring together a wide variety so there will be something for everyone. There is fantasy, contemporary romance, historical romance, and sci-fi.

Some will be steamy, some will be downright smokin', and some will be clean.

Click on the cover for more information about the book via the sales page. 

We appreciate everything you do. Every sale, click, share, review, it means the world to us and this is our way of giving back in the best way we can: by offering you one hell of a literary escape.

Happy reading! 

-All of us

*If you have an issue with a link, or a price point is incorrect, please send us a message via the form at the bottom of each page*

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UPDATED 3/28/2020!

Newly added books will ALWAYS be at the top of each section.

FREE Reads

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$0.99 Reads

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