Legacy be damned.

Daxon Ward turned his back on his legacy decades ago.

Destined to become one of the realm's Guardians--a magickal subspecies with blood-deep resistance to all things magick--he was one of the few who understood their true mission.

After witnessing the murder of a werewolf family at their hands, Daxon turned his back on the Guardians without a second thought.

Now, as his younger brother is set to graduate and join the ranks of the realms' supposed protectors, Daxon finds himself swallowing his hatred and traveling to the Guardian Training Academy.

Not long into what should have been a peaceful celebration, the academy comes under attack, and Daxon crosses paths with the realms' most notorious assassin, a Sage with the reputation of leaving no survivors.

Faced with his own mortality, Daxon is forced to make a decision.

Does he leave the academy to defend itself? Or stay and fight beside those he walked away from?

Carissa was running from a violent ex.

Chloe was determined to never again be a victim.

Ashleigh had turned her back on the idea of love.

Three people weighed down by their pasts, meet three more from history when they’re sent back in time to 1200’s Ireland.

Travel through time with Carissa, Wade, and Ashleigh, as they learn that sometimes you find what you’re looking for when and where you least expect it.

Their Own Time brings together three heartwarming stories of overcoming our pasts in order to truly live in the present.

His future was in the caves.


Hers in the sea.

Two champions.

A forbidden affair.

A world rocked by greed. 

This is why Atlantis sank into the sea.

Haunted by a mistake, Aine knows it's only a matter of time before it catches up to her. 

When Aine’s sister falls ill, she turns to the one man she thinks can help her: a sorcerer hired by the family she works for.

His price is high, but to save her sister there is nothing Aine won’t sacrifice. 

When he comes calling again, Aine turns away, focusing instead on the love blooming between her and her childhood best friend. 

But the Sorcerer is determined to own her, and if he can’t have her, no one can.

Set in 1800’s Ireland, Broken Tether is the tragic love story of two people so destined to be together, not even death can keep them apart. It is recommended that you follow up with Tethered Souls if you have not yet read it!