Who's ready for Lena and Graham?

The Lumberjack Effect is coming soon y'all! Set in Montana, this romance is going to have you swooning from the get-go. I can't wait to share it with you! 

Until then, enjoy this sneak peek!

“You’re going to want to let her go,” a deep voice warned.

     Lena glanced behind her to see where the baritone was coming from and was momentarily stunned as a man walked out from behind the bar.

     Now that’s a man. Throat dry, she took in all six and a half feet of muscle that stood like an immovable statue.

     Lena used Alejandro’s momentary distraction to her advantage and pulled her arm out of his grasp. Resisting the urge to rub the area he’d probably bruised, she turned her attention back to the man who’d come to her rescue.

     “This is none of your business,” Alejandro shot back.

     “Oh, I think it is. Once you put your hands on my girl you made it my business.”

     Alejandro turned to face Lena. “You are seriously with this garbage?” He pointed a thumb at the man, and Lena shrugged.

     “What can I say, after being with you for two years I was ready for a real man.” Tomorrow when she’d sobered completely, Lena would be proud of herself for keeping her voice steady when all she wanted to do was cry and crawl into a hole.

     He’d managed to embarrass her, again. This time in a room full of crowded strangers rather than his group of coworkers.

     The look of hatred on Alejandro’s face stunned her, and she looked up at her statue for strength. Stepping toward her mystery man, Lena bit back a grin as one of those large, muscular arms slipped around her shoulders.

     Alejandro stepped toward the bartender, but his eyes barely reached the man’s shoulders and Lena chuckled when he looked down at her ex. “She’ll tire of you and come back. It’s amazing what a man can get when he has money.”

     Alejandro marched past them and out of the door. As soon as he was outside, Lena stepped away from the bartender and took her seat on the stool, afraid her shaking legs would cause her to make an ass of herself.

     “Another?” Her rescuer appeared back behind the bar, and was holding up a bottle of Jameson.

     “Yes, please. After that encounter I may need the entire bottle.” She studied him as he poured the drink. He was the exact opposite of Alejandro. Where her ex’s flaxen hair was styled perfectly, the bartender’s dark brown hair was trimmed into a short Mohawk. He also had a short beard with threads of red, while Alejandro’s face was always completely clean-shaven.

     Colorful tattoos spanned what she could see of both muscled arms, the intricate designs woven together perfectly, and yet each could stand on its own.

     The man before her wore dark jeans, motorcycle boots, and a tight black T-shirt, and she’d never seen Alejandro step outside in anything but a suit. Hell, the bastard even slept in silk pajamas.

     She took the drink from his hand, their fingers momentarily touching. Wonder what this guy sleeps in. The very thought of it had heat rushing to her cheeks.

     “He was something, wasn’t he?” the man said, pulling her from her thoughts.

     “If by something you mean a cockroach that needs to be stepped on repeatedly, then yes, he is something.”

     The man laughed and held out a hand. “I’m Graham Meyers.”

     She took his hand and tried to ignore the jolt she felt at the contact. “Lena Garza.”