newsletter episodes!


For awhile now I've been trying to come up with a fun way to engage with my newsletter subscribers. I wanted something extra for you guys as a thank you for opening my emails and reading through my ramblings (even though sometimes they are rather long-winded as pointed out by one frustrated subscriber who has since unsubscribed).


A week ago my husband and I wrapped up The Witcher and I was thinking about how badly I wanted more. That I would love a more in-depth look at the characters (specifically Geralt himself), and it hit me. 


Mini written episodes surrounded your favorite characters.

Bonus, brand-new, prequel and epilogue style stories so you can further immerse yourself into their lives. 

These will follow all of my characters, INCLUDING the brand-new ones you'll be meeting in the Cambrexian Realm trilogy. 

They will be releasing in 'seasons' though I haven't decided just how long each season will be or who I will be starting with. But, I will do one for each couple (some will follow secondary characters you never really got closure one! Think a certain security guard from Collateral Damage!). 


I am SO excited about this and can't wait for you guys to read them! 


NOTE: Please be sure to add to your contact list so you don't miss out on them!