I am pathetic.

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Runaway Fae is coming November 11th! Get ready to see Ridley in an entirely new light as he fights to convince Rachel that he's exactly what she needs.

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“Bloody fucking women.”

“Rachel troubles?” Fearghas questions from his couch as I plop down beside him.

“You know, you’d fucking think she’d be grateful I didn’t let her stay dead. But, no, she’s bloody pissed and claims I brought her back for my own fucking joy.”

The other fae chuckles and shakes his head. “You did bring her back for you, though, didn’t you?”

I glare at him. “Why does everyone think I’m so fucking selfish?”

“It’s in our nature,” he replies easily. “Your magic claimed her, did it not?” He stands and moves across his apartment to the kitchen, so I follow, ignoring the ache in my chest that appears whenever I’m too far from Rachel. Bloody frustrating woman.

“Doesn’t mean that’s the only reason I brought her back. Hell, letting her die would have been easier.”

“Did you tell her that?”

“Fuck no.”

“Why?” his simple question makes me want to ram my fist into his jaw.

“Could you let Eira die?” Referencing the siren my fae companion is in love with is a low blow, yes, but that’s all I have these days. And the fact that he’s also in love with a woman who wants nothing to do with him means we’re on the same fucking page.

Same damned paragraph.

His eyes flash with power moments before he shakes his head and leans back against the counter. “No. No, I couldn’t.”

“Even if it was what she wanted?”

He shakes his head. “Not even then.” He sighs, shoulders slumping. “I’m not saying I don’t understand why you brought her back, but you should probably be honest with her about the reason.”

“I was.”

“Then tell her the truth. That her death as a human would have freed you from the link your magic made with her.”

“I can’t do that.” After running both hands over my face, I lean back against the island opposite to where he’s standing.

“Why not?”

“You didn’t see her, the way she looked at me, such hatred. If I tell her that, she’ll know I brought her back because I’m a selfish fucking bastard and her strength had me half in love with her the moment I learned she’d killed three vampires. Magical fucking bond aside.”

I can still remember that encounter like it was yesterday, standing in the house and having Rainey Astor—a hunter—tell me that the human woman before me managed to kill not one—but three vampires.

It’s fucking impressive. Besides, having her level a firearm on me, prepared to defend supernaturals far more powerful than her, was a massive turn-on. Probably shouldn’t have been, but it was, and now, here we are.

“She is going through an epic upheaval, brother, give her time.”

I sigh. “You’re probably right.”

“I’m always right.” After pushing off the countertop, he claps his hands together. “Now that you’re here, how about we go to Eira’s place for a drink.”

I roll my eyes even as I know I’ll be taking him. After losing his ability to dematerialize in the Veil by saving the shifter mate of the eldest Astor sister, I’ve hung around in case he needed me. Fearghas is the closest thing I’ve had to a friend since abandoning Faerie centuries ago.

Though I sure as fuck will never admit that to him. The bastard would never let me live it down.

“I guess, though you do realize this borders on stalker.”

“And chasing Rachel around for the last few weeks doesn’t?”

“Fair point.” Reaching out, I clasp a hand on his shoulder and picture where I want to end up. Less than a second later, we’re standing in the dining hall of Eira’s club. The siren notices us the instant we appear, her violet gaze landing on Fearghas.

“Fuck, she’s gorgeous,” he whispers loud enough that only I can hear it.

“I wish you two would just get the hell on with it already,” I reply as I slide into the booth. I’m bitter, I know it, but I bloody well have every reason to be when the only one who has managed to capture every bit of my heart wants nothing to do with me.

No other woman has ever driven me as mad as Rachel, and if I were a less pathetic man, I might try to convince myself it’s because of her disinterest that I want her so badly.

But I am pathetic.

And I would give anything for her to see me as more than the bastard who forced her into a future she didn’t want.

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