It's not just a war she's starting...It's a motherf*cking revolution.

Rise of the Witch is LIVE! It's finally time for Delaney and Cole's finale to be out in the world, and I seriously could not be more exited.

Be warned, though, this is one wild ride and not even I saw the ending coming...

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“Delaney?” I call out, seeing her just ahead. With her soft hair pulled back in a tight bun, she wears all leather and leans over a table beside Bestiny.

The two women stare down at something on the table, but the closer I try to get, the further they move away.

“Delaney!” I scream her name now. This is all wrong. Bestiny tried to kill her. Why the fuck did they let her out of the cell? “Del!”

She looks up from the map and squints, her gaze traveling over me. I hold my breath, unable to move for fear she’ll disappear from sight if I move even a centimeter.

Bestiny points down at the map, and Delaney leans over it, peering down at whatever the hell is portrayed on the parchment.

Then, suddenly, their voices become crystal clear.

“We start here,” Delaney says. “Then we make our way through Billings, one supernatural at a time. Sooner or later, one of them has to lead us to Lucy.”

Fear claws its way up my chest, daggers for nails digging at my core. She can’t be serious. Hasn’t Lucy already done enough damage?

“I want to help.” A third voice, one I don’t recognize, resonates moments before a young teen moves to stand beside Delaney.

“I appreciate that,” she says softly. “And I can appreciate all you’ve been through, but this is not a mess you want to get involved in.”

“I’m a hunter, aren’t I?”

“You are.”

“Then I deserve to be a part of this. They killed my family, Delaney. I need to help. Besides, you saved my life. I owe you.”

Delaney stares at him, and I watch as she processes his words. While I don’t know this kid, and I don’t even know if this is reality I’m seeing, or just some twisted fucking dream, I know her well enough to know what she’s going to say before she says it.

“Fine. But you follow my lead, kid, got it? One wrong move, and I’ll put you back in a cage until this is all over with.”

“Totally understand.”

“How do you want to handle the councils?” Bestiny questions, as she walks across the dim room and retrieves a bottle of water. “I doubt they’re going to just lie down and take us rampaging through their community.”

Delaney takes a deep breath and folds her arms. I see the fight in her now—in the set of her jaw, the strong squaring of her shoulders. Daggers sheathed at both hips, a pistol holstered at her lower back, she looks the part of the deadly hunter.

“We hope the deaths of their factions will draw them out. Then, we fucking slaughter them.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” I demand, and take a step forward. This time, she doesn’t move away, so I rush forward, coming to stop beside her. Dark circles line both eyes, and she looks like she hasn’t slept in days.

Of course, she doesn’t respond to me.

“We’re starting a war here; you know that, right?” Bestiny questions.

“They started one first,” Delaney counters. “They didn’t intervene when Heather was after my sister, didn’t stop her when she nearly killed Elijah, and fed succubus hearts to supernaturals. And they sure as hell haven’t done anything about Lucy. For all we know, the bitch is still on the Immortal Council.”

“They stood by and did nothing,” Bestiny agrees. “But do they need to pay for it with their lives?”

“Thank you! Talk some sense into her,” I urge the shifter who tried to kill me not that long ago.

“I just want to make sure you realize what you’re doing. As soon as we start this, there’s no going back. It’s the two of us against dozens of bounty hunters and other enforcers. They’ll even send your sister after you.”

“Cole deserves justice.”

“Not like this,” I whisper, urging her to hear me. “Not like this, Delaney.”

“I agree.”

“And that supernatural black market? It highlighted a much bigger problem here in Billings than I originally thought. We have to put an end to all of it. We need to send a message that this shit is not going to be tolerated. Especially, not here in our city.”

“Then I’ll back you,” Bestiny says.

“Me too.” The young hunter straightens, and I see a fight within him that I once saw in Delaney all those years ago. He’s willing to die for his cause, to live and breathe by the blade if it means saving others and seeking retribution for the wrongs. It makes me proud to see the woman I love instilling such loyalty in others, even if I am terrified over what that loyalty is going to mean.

Delaney turns toward me, her expression harder than I’ve ever seen. In all of the years I’ve known Delaney, all of the time we spent together, I never would have pegged her as a murderer. A warrior? Sure. Enforcer? Absolutely.

But a cold-blooded killer? Never.

At least—not until now.

My mate is out for blood, and I sure as fuck hope this is a twisted dream. Because if it’s true, it’s not just a war Delaney is starting.

It’s a motherfucking revolution.

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