What happens when the hero becomes the villain?

Rescued by the Fae is NOW LIVE! What this means: Fearghas and co. are BACK, baby! Grab your copy and catch up with the gang as they face their greatest threat yet...and spoiler alert: it's not who you expect...

Seriously...(at least not entirely.)

My soul hasn't been mine for over a thousand years.

Ever since I saw her standing on that cliffside in Ireland, Eira has possessed more of me than she'll ever know. But by the time I saw her again, she'd suffered far more than anyone ever should.

She'd been broken, abused, and was unwilling to trust me no matter how many times I tried to prove my intentions.

For my kind to mate—it's rare—dangerous, which is why no one can know of my ties to the violet-eyed siren or her hold over me. My enemies would love to get their hands on the one thing that could lead to my destruction.

But when her life is threatened, I know I can't simply watch from the sidelines anymore. Not when I'm ready to rip the entire world to shreds for another moment in her presence.


Still not convinced it's for you? Here's what readers are saying about this brand-new series:

"The paranormal revolution is here and its a game changer! Lines have been crossed, alliances broken, friendships’ destroyed and rules? there aren’t any. Peace is no longer an option. This is war and death is the consequence. Squeeek! THIS IS A MUST READ!!"

"The storytelling is beautiful and complicated with both Fearghas and Eira. A great start to a spinoff series."

"This book has it all that you’d want. Love, action, magic, faerie, revenge, and much more. I enjoyed it very much and the wait for Book 2 is going to be hard."

"omg, what a fabulous new story!! ... love Fearghas and Eira! ... need more 💙"

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