Visions Of Vengeance (Gypsy's Curse book 2)

Visions Of Vengeance (Gypsy's Curse book 2)


She loves him, and he is going to die.

Skye Giovanni’s visions have always felt like a curse, but never more so than now. Plagued with nightmares of a future she cannot escape, Skye must do the impossible: stop fate in its tracks.

Detective Lucas MacConnell has never met a case he couldn’t crack. 

But one night at an art gallery changed everything, throwing him headlong into the warpath of an ancient Druid.

Now they’re hiding out in Scotland, hoping to stay out of sight long enough to find what they need to stop the Druid once and for all.

Unfortunately their names are at the top of his kill list, and the only way to get off is to get him first.