Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage


Paislee Adams possessed what one man craved: power. After being held captive for fifteen years, she manages to escape and spends the next year of her life pursuing the one who destroyed her. A gunshot heard one night in an alley changes everything, when she comes face to face with Timothy McGinley, a man harboring his own secrets.

Ever since a spell left him frozen in time nearly two centuries ago, Timothy has harbored a hatred for all things magic. But when a witch saves his life, he is forced to confront his own mortality for the first time in two hundred years.

A man trapped in time.
A powerful witch on the run.
A dangerous enemy on the hunt.

As these two unlikely allies join forces, they have to put aside old grudges in order to stop a man harboring a deadly obsession with them both.



Coffee cup, notebook, and other items on table do not come with this order. You only get the book and some cool swag!