Shielding Jemma

Shielding Jemma


Jemma lives her life by a set of rules.

A woman with a dark past, she has no intention of settling down because getting comfortable would mean death.

When a chance encounter with a handsome man at her gym makes her the target of a deadly crime boss out of New York, she has nowhere to run except right back into the crossfire of a life she was determined to forget.

Agent Caid King has always done things by the book.

So when the blonde bombshell he meets at his gym turns out to have ties to his current case, he shelves his attraction and tries to focus on his mission at hand.

Caught between two worlds, Caid is forced to choose between seeking justice, and being the one who deals it out.

Shielding Jemma is the second book in J.W. Ashley's intertwined suspense series where love and duty collide, resulting in one hell of a ride.


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