Willow was eight years old when she witnessed the murder of her mother, at the hands of the very man who should have protected them both. 


As she grew into adulthood, he made sure she understood her purpose was to be married off like property in order to seal an alliance. Just as she is to meet the destiny he laid out for her, she escapes, leaving her old life behind her, but still carrying the horrors of what would happen if her father ever found her.


Now, three years later she is living as Jemma Sage. A woman with no past and her bags packed, ready to run at the first sign of trouble.


All that changes with a chance encounter with FBI Agent Caid King, who is chasing the very man she is running from. 


When the tables turn and the hunter becomes the hunted, Jemma is pulled back down into the web of corruption, only this time, she may not be able to climb back out.