Home For Summer

Home For Summer


Kleo Turner has spent two years trying to erase one night from her memory.


Sober, and determined to find her place in the world, Kleo returns home, ready to take over her family's summer camp for troubled youth. After all, if she can keep them from making the same mistakes she has, maybe her time spent in misery will be worth it. But the moment she drives into the town's limits, ghosts of her past start popping up, and one nightmarish memory surfaces despite her best efforts to keep it at bay.


Dean Lewis has worked his ass off to make Turner Cove Summer Camp a top-notch place for parents to send their teens. When Kleo blows back into town, Dean's immediately on the defense, ready to keep the camp from her at all costs. After all, she bailed on it two years ago, a spoiled brat running from her toy…or so he thought.


Forced to work together, the heat is undeniable. After all, it's a thin line between love and hate, and Kleo and Dean make formidable enemies. But as Kleo's shadows become reality, it's Dean she turns to in the dark.


She's broken, scarred, and looking for redemption.

He's adamant she can't handle the camp alone.

Together, they might have what it takes to make it work. If they can survive what's coming.


They say the world is at it's calmest before the storm...and what's brewing between Dean and Kleo threatens to be one hell of a hurricane. 


Perfect for fans of Meghan Quinn, Alessandra Torre, Harloe Rae, Lauren Landish, and Nora Roberts, Home For Summer brings you an enemies-to-lovers romance packed full of heat, heart, and humor.