Way Back Home

Way Back Home


They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. 


It's a phrase that has nagged Lena Garza for the last five years. She thought she was making the right choice for everyone by keeping her pregnancy a secret from the man who set her soul on fire. After all, he'd needed to go home to care for his ailing mother, and she refused to be the reason he didn't get to say goodbye.


But when her daughter begins asking questions she can’t answer, Lena decides that it’s past time for her to reach out to the only man who can, even if it means breaking her heart all over again. 


Graham thought nothing could be more painful than leaving the love of his life behind and losing his mother, but when Lena turns up five years later holding the hand of a precious, little girl with eyes that perfectly match his own, the remaining pieces of his heart shatter.


Lena’s looking for forgiveness.

Graham’s not interested in giving it.


And a little girl with bright grey eyes is the only one who stands a chance at bringing them back together. If they don’t fall apart first.


Previously titled The Lumberjack Effect.