Shades Of Magick Paperback

Shades Of Magick Paperback


Blurb contains series spoilers.



Cambria has fallen.


What they feared would come to pass has happened, and now Sienna and Daxon are stuck in the center of an all out war between magick and non-magick as it fights to re-capture the throne. .


Torn between their love and the sides of the realm they were born to, Sienna and Daxon set out to find the Magick Stone--an item legend says will lead to the destruction of all magick. 


The magick’s want it destroyed.The non-magicks want to use it to reset the realm.And as an enemy unlike any they’ve ever faced sets its sights on plunging the realm into never-ending darkness, our heroes are faced with the impossible task of eliminating the threat, once and for all.