Sorceress (Prophecy Series Book 3)


An ancient evil rises.

Anastasia Carter has spent her entire life fighting one war or another. After two years of peace in Terrenia, she is having trouble letting go of the voice inside her head that is telling her the battle is far from over.

When a new enemy sets their sights on Dakota, Anastasia must risk it all to save the life of her husband.

Beaten down, broken, and battle-scarred, Anastasia isn’t sure she has what it takes to keep moving forward. Especially when her enemy has corrupted someone she can’t afford to lose.

New enemies and old friends clash to bring back the light back into one of their own.

But when a death brings about a war unlike any other, Anastasia isn’t sure she has what it takes to keep going.

The final book in Jessica Wayne’s incredible urban fantasy adventure will test our heroes like they’ve never been tested before. Crack open the cover, turn the page, and experience this incredible finale today!



Coffee cup, notebook, and other items on table do not come with this order. You only get the book and some cool swag!