Visions Of Triumph (Gypsy's Curse, book 3)

Visions Of Triumph (Gypsy's Curse, book 3)


Love is the only light Skye Giovanni can find during the darkest moments of her life. 

Kidnapped, tortured, and cut-off from everyone she loves, it won’t be long before even that bright spark burns out. 

Detective Lucas MacConnell is not used to losing.

A master at piecing together the clues others often miss, Lucas is backed into a corner when the Druid manages to trick him. Now he’s unsure how to keep going when it feels like he’s already lost.

The stakes are higher than ever before, and each moment that passes puts their enemy closer to meeting his goal.

Their lives are the only thing standing in his way. 

Supernova is the final installment in Meg Anne and Jessica Wayne’s highly anticipated new fantasy series.