Legacy be damned

Daxon Ward turned his back on his legacy decades ago.

Destined to become one of the realm’s Guardians—a magickal subspecies with blood-deep resistance to all things magick—he was one of the few who understood their true mission.

After witnessing the murder of a werewolf family at their hands, Daxon turned his back on the Guardians without a second thought.

Now, as his younger brother is set to graduate and join the ranks of the realms’ supposed protectors, Daxon finds himself swallowing his hatred and traveling to the Guardian Training Academy.

Not long into what should have been a peaceful celebration, the academy comes under attack, and Daxon crosses paths with the realms’ most notorious assassin, a Sage with the reputation of leaving no survivors.

Faced with his own mortality, Daxon is forced to make a decision.

Does he leave the academy to defend itself? Or stay and fight beside those he walked away from?

what readers are saying

"Jessica Wayne has created an intricate world that I was immediately drawn into. I will definitely be following this series. Although I received a free copy, I purchased one because I’m sure I will be reading it again."

"Very tragic story. Dax fought all his life to get guardians to kill only the ones who needed it and not all who were magical. Now we will see what happens next."

"This is a fantastic start to a new series!! Can't wait to see where Jessica takes us in this series. If every book is as good as this I can't wait to read them!! Its hard to talk about what happens without giving away too much!! So all I can say is READ it asap!!!"