I should have known better...We were doomed from the start.


Coming Soon


In order to save those he loves...

He'll have to sacrifice the one he can't live without.


A dying woman.

A condemned fae warrior.

A world determined to destroy them both. 


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I LOVE whiskey. As in, I'm pretty sure the delicious amber liquid is mentioned in all of my books across both pen names. 

It's Sienna's preferred drink in the Cambrexiam Realm trilogy, Terrenia has it's own special blend in the Prophecy Series. Timothy enjoys a nightly glass in Collateral can see where I'm going with this. 

My Facebook group is called The Whiskey Thieves because by joining you are the FIRST to see brand new covers, read special samples of my current WIP's, and hang out with me on a much more personal level. 


So pour your favorite drink (whether it contains alcohol or not) and come hang with us!

Disclaimer: I am in no way shape or form elegant or sophisticated, so be prepared for shenanigans and incredibly detailed conversations about why bearded men do it best.