Magick will reign.

The battle has begun.

There will be blood.

Featured Titles

Skye Giovanni was seven years old the first time death came to her.

She has been haunted by visions of death since she was a child. It is her legacy and her curse. What good is power when you have no control over it?

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Anastasia Carter is plagued by nightmares of death and coming destruction. 
Countless nights she's awoken coated in sweat, unable to shake the feeling that someone was coming for her.

But nightmares are just tricks of the mind, right?

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Abby has been dreaming of him her entire life. A man with no name, but who called to something deep within her soul.

A last-minute trip to Ireland changes the course of her life when she comes face to face with him. But sometimes when your dreams come to life, so do your nightmares.

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